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Scott’s Sneak Peek: The latest on the search for the missing swimmer near Huguenot Park, we’re looking at whether businesses continue to struggle to...

Posted 5 months ago in Social Issues

Rs Mosley 5 months ago

You said the man went out with a couple of children. Did they make it back to shore safely? And unfortunately, they said this weekend was going to have a high rip current chance so very sad

Matthew Ferst 5 months ago

Good to see you man , thank you all for doing a wonderful job keeping us informed Scott Johnson

Irma Castro 5 months ago

People don’t want to work because the government paid for them to be lazy

Lisa Vecchio 5 months ago

Shout out from Middleburg
You guys have the best team

Linda Dorsett 5 months ago

Sending prayers to the man and family , read the children made it back safely thank God

Gra Alessi Doherty 5 months ago

How sad. 🙏 major strong currents today.

Kristina Bosley 5 months ago

I was there. Tough to see. Praying for the family.

Jamiel Davidson 5 months ago


Irma Castro 5 months ago


PL It-Is What-It Is 5 months ago

Thank God Janeese has help tonight!!