Jannali families save homes from bulldozer for carpark

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Nine Jannali families have taken on the state government and won, finally told today their homes will not be bulldozed.

Transport for NSW has backed...

Posted 8 months ago in Politics

Rosie Palmer 8 months ago

Compulsory acquisition. - should not be a thing unless the government pays double for your home.

Kelly Maat 8 months ago

Good to hear, how much tax payer money was used on that. Do the pollies that got under the table deals, have to give it back.

Tim Seligmann 8 months ago

Brent McDonald 8 months ago

Brent McDonald 8 months ago

Brent McDonald 8 months ago

Debra Ballard 8 months ago

The government should have no right to just steal someone鈥檚 home from them like they do. 馃槨 thieving mongrels 馃槨馃が

Cameron Jones 8 months ago

Rhyso McDonald check it out bro they won, how goods this one, I knew the government would fold like paper great to see the community's can still band together and beat these idiots.

John Freeman 8 months ago

Yes tfnsw love to bully

Richelle Ann Milburn 8 months ago

Love this !!!Congrats guys !!! X