WATCH: Air 4 over King County courthouse amid bomb threat report

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Officials have ordered an evacuation following the bomb threat report. MORE:...

Posted 5 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Carole A Hennessey 5 months ago

That’s happened before. I used to work within a block of there and we were evacuated several times. I hope it turns out false.

Knikki Baumgras 5 months ago

Does anyone know if this is affecting busses on 3rd ave?

John Ng 5 months ago

Who called the bomb threat? Is that to prevent a criminal from getting their sentence from the judge?

Cynthia Anne 5 months ago

Chopper person doing an awesome job, thank you.

Saul Preciado-Garcia 5 months ago

Dont care about who is crossing the border and soon will have a lot of these all around the country. Thanks Biden admin for making the Country safer, indeed we have improved a lot.

Marilyn Knutson 5 months ago

We had bomb threats 30 years ago. Please don't think this is new. I worked in a building in downtown Seattle that was evacuated for threats made.

Chris Gier 5 months ago

Probably someone who had a sentencing date for jail and needed more time out or to that effect

Trista Olson 5 months ago

What happens to all the inmates? I wonder if they evacuate them to? That would be a wild thing

Cin Lorenz 5 months ago

Since this was posted 6 hours ago, and no update, I guess it was another false alarm.... Thank, KOMO, for updating us.

Carmen Dunlap 5 months ago

Laughing because the justice system in Seattle is a joke along with the Mayor and Governor and most of the judges.