Malaika Arora TROLLED Brutally For Her WEIRD Style Of Walking

Bollywood Now • 4 months ago   92.8K     2.4K  •  6.3M Views
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Malaika is one of the most loved celebrities by the paparazzi. She is often snapped when she takes her little pooch out for a walk or when she steps out...

Posted 4 months ago in TV & Movies
Jonisan Corane
Jonisan Corane4 months ago

Atleast be proud at this áge also she had the guts to be fit and fine which most of them at this age fails.

Debasish Das
Debasish Das4 months ago

So these people though they will become journalists in their life. And imagine after all the study and all you chose to talk about a walk of a human being. Why does it bother u so much whatever way she is walking. And it's not netizens talking or trolling. It's you guys who is making this a topic. Aren't you guys ashamed a bit ?

Vibhuti Mehta
Vibhuti Mehta4 months ago

Why can't she walk normal rather exposed both the side... looks more funny rather ....

Anjum Syed
Anjum Syed4 months ago

45 year old granny trying to walk like a little girl

Manju Nath
Manju Nath4 months ago

Don't know why this media cannot take things in normal way mybe she is on leg day workout, I'm sure many can relate if you know how painful it is after leg day. Please do something better and look the bright side that she's 45 and still so fit and healthy, I m not sure if any of us can be this fit and healthy at 45. Learn good things, spread positivity, stay blessed 🌼

Muskan Khan
Muskan Khan4 months ago

Nora better then Malaika ,Nora has so many telnet she has dance proper skills whenever she making any bollywood movie song she given her 100% but Malaika If she could not manage her house, then what a useless actress.

Sneha Dhanawade Metoute
Sneha Dhanawade Metoute4 months ago

Nothing is wrong with her walk ,she is fine and her legs r fine . U foks who r trolling her ,u foks r jealous on her beautiful face ,flat stomach and skinny legs. Just take a good look on yourself 1st.

Tomjida Hussain
Tomjida Hussain4 months ago

She is over age women

Sana Kashif
Sana Kashif4 months ago

She might have done her legs a day before..Don't be so judgmental

Mayful Jahin Jui
Mayful Jahin Jui4 months ago

She tried to show her hips 🤭