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While we aren't the fastest shoppers, Jackson is getting much better at driving. Staying focused and remaining on task is a challenge as well as driving...

Posted 5 years ago

Katie Lynch 5 years ago

WOW!! so awesome!!! Miss him and Darcie!

Leslie Finerfrock 5 years ago

Way to go Jackson!! Miss you and Darcie!!

Edie Jowett Siciliano 5 years ago

Great job Jackson!

BillDianne Bentliff 5 years ago

Miss my buddy ! Great shopper u got there 馃槉

Jenny Walden 5 years ago

He is so handsome!!

Dawn Taylor 5 years ago

Great job, Jackson!!!!!

Lydia Jenchura 5 years ago

Love and miss him!!! Great job Jax!

Robyn Wallace Greenberg 5 years ago

Great job Jackson!

Jessica Irene 5 years ago

Go Jackson!!

Jayme Hershberger Layman 5 years ago

Great job Jackson!!! That's awesome!!!