Medical Student Co-Writes Handbook to Help Diagnose Black and Brown Patients

AJ • 2 years ago   11.5K     183  •  1.2M Views
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Meet the medical student who co-wrote a handbook to help health care workers identify diseases on black and brown skin.

Posted 2 years ago in Health & Medical
Marilyn E. Jess
Marilyn E. Jess2 years ago

Brilliant work. You are on your way to a great career and helping other providers save more lives.

Karen Cherim
Karen Cherim2 years ago

Great work. Maybe this will help with finding cures for the diseases that plague the Blacks that is not easily diagnosed.

Jayne Becker
Jayne Becker2 years ago

Long ago a black man I knew who had worked for our Parks Department while getting trained in Cosmetology at our local community college—-used to regularly cut my hair there. He was also married to the sister of a friend. He was out of work after an injury at the Parks Department and ensuing rehab. He resisted his return to work, telling doctors he felt weak. His wife insisted his color wasn’t right. Doctors saw nothing. He had leukemia, eventually got treatment but died.

Emerald Michelle Edge
Emerald Michelle Edge2 years ago

This is amazing!❤️ Simple psoriasis on my skin was incorrectly diagnosed initially as syphilis until a more knowledgeable doc came along and my test results were negative, of course. We should have evolved further with this by now but even still, we’re moving along thanks to the likes of the brilliance seen in this young man.

Sheree Fryar
Sheree Fryar2 years ago

Wow this young man is brilliant and will go on to change the world. Thank God he is not here in the US. They would target him for police brutality or some other means to eliminate him to ensure he never reaches the pinnacle of his success.

Noah Wisnia
Noah Wisnia2 years ago

More evidence of the racial bias built into our systems by people who didn’t bother to design for all humans, only how they chose to identify symptoms in certain humans.

Amazing to see this work and so happy to tell others so they can spread the word and be advocates for better systems of care

Bradley John Bolton
Bradley John Bolton2 years ago

Keep up the good work. We need more intelligent doctors like you. And remember treat every one as an individual. This has been a problem with conventional medicine.

Naisa Tufail
Naisa Tufail2 years ago

Racial bias in the medical profession where diseases are recognised only in white skin. So the rest of us don't matter?

Catherine Channac
Catherine Channac2 years ago

Super, vive les gens utiles à autrui !

Elspeth Inglis
Elspeth Inglis2 years ago

Shocking that this doesn’t already exist. Invaluable.