Ryan Reynolds - We traded the armor and spandex for tuxes...

Ryan Reynolds • 5 months ago   94.3K     6K
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We traded the armor and spandex for tuxes and evening gowns. #RedNotice, November 12 on Netflix. Dwayne The Rock Johnson Gal Gadot

Biker Dad
Biker Dad5 months ago

Looks awesome. You know Ryan Reynolds doesn’t make bad movies. #wedonttalkaboutgreenlantern

Facebook App
Facebook App5 months ago

You might not know it but this movie is ultimately about friendship. ❤️

Sara James
Sara James5 months ago

THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN ON THE BIG SCREEN. Why can't you just release it to theaters?!?! (I mean yes, having these three amazingly beautiful people in the same movie might lead to things best done at home...but come ON!)

Maj-Britt Christensen
Maj-Britt Christensen5 months ago

Looks great! Love the Duran Duran song. Sound so cool 😎

Jenn Mc
Jenn Mc5 months ago

This best not be shit, been looking forward to this since January! What a team!.. Oo I'm sorry that felt funny in my mouth 🤣

Julia George
Julia George5 months ago

Two of my favorite hotties in one movie, yes!!!!!❤️

Lisa Nugent
Lisa Nugent5 months ago

Stop it! I can’t take any more excitement!! This is on my list!!! 🎥 ❤️

Buck Brockett Jr.
Buck Brockett Jr.5 months ago

Honestly I really think its missing something. Not sure why the Rock replaced kevin Heart with a Canadian. Would love some more CGI and maybe some aviator Gin. But i will have to suffer through it. I guess. (looks better than Green Lantern)

Jennifer Lynn Bush
Jennifer Lynn Bush5 months ago

This is the duo I didn’t know I needed! I ❤️ this!

Rose Lemke
Rose Lemke5 months ago

The outtakes from this are probably fabulous!!!!! Want to see them!