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So a pretty cool career milestone happened in Saskatoon this last weekend...For the first time ever, we discovered our CDs in Walmart Canada!!!

We are...

Posted 5 years ago in Music & Audio

Laina Francesca Brown 5 years ago

Very Impressed ! I wish I would have followed you to the back after you took a picture with me! missed more fun! I wondered why you were in Walmart lol ...PLEASE don't forget to send the picture the walmart worker took with me in it! ... No one believes I met you! Hope you didn't delete the picture ! All the walmart gals were all over me wondering what was going on..Congrats on winning 2 awards at the SCMA ! Am still so excited i got to meet you boys! Real great bunch of guys!

Sara Masse 5 years ago

Awesome!!! I'll be sure to check out Walmart in Camrose, AB!

Kendell Radtke 5 years ago

Good work guys!

Darlene Taylor Farmer 5 years ago

Julia's Mom here...I've been a fan of hours since Granum Gospel Jamboree, I was so honored to have y'all have me on stage to sing a Beautiful song to me! So happy for deserve Great Success!

Nancy Wellbrock-Acker 5 years ago

Congrats you guys

Dan MacNaughton 5 years ago


Donna Fedor Harrop 5 years ago

Congratulations to you guys, nice to see nice guys win!!

Tammy Richter-Zaytsoff 5 years ago

That's so awesome fellas. I'll be looking for a copy in Red Deer, alberta Walmart. 馃憤馃憤馃挄

Lynn Doll 5 years ago

Loved it.

Julia Poffenroth 5 years ago

That's so cool! You guys sound awesome, great harmony! 馃憤馃徎