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Shopping for holiday gifts? We have you covered. Enjoy same-day delivery in Manhattan. Order by 1pm ET Monday to Saturday, and by 11am ET on Sundays.

Posted 12 months ago in Fashion & Style

Larisa Vergilis 11 months ago

I ordered pajama twice and twice I received to, but no bottom. And then they don't want to return your shipping fee and fight begins .No more Saks for me.

Beatriz Machado 11 months ago

I don’t know what kinda of company are you guys anymore. I thought you were a high end one that we could trust and buy from. I bought 3 items and only received 1. I have been calling everyday. Nobody calls me back . Very bad costumer service. Worst experience ever. Please call me and resolve this issue.
Saks Fifth Avenue

Olive Olivia 11 months ago

BUYERS BEWARE! I ordered something on October 28th and paid 15.00 delivery fee for the items to arrive within 3 days. ONLY TODAY DID I GET ONE OF THE THREE ITEMS that SAKS stated were in the box. Called the customer service 6 times in the last 18 days and got absolutely no results or any assistance. Finally called my bank today and my bank returned my money and I returned the one item I received as I needed to have mailed it out as a Christmas gift prior to November 15th to arrive in time.

Ashley Vann 11 months ago

I am very dissatisfied with the customer service at Saks. I placed an order in July 2020, that was to be honored with a price adjustment. However, it is going on 4 months and no price adjustment. Does anyone else have issue with Saks keeping their money? I've called customer service, and am given the run around. When I ask to speak to Tier 2, I am told no one is working, or to try and call back. How is no one working when the call center opens for the day? This is very piss-poor. I demand for my request to be resolved.

CK Stanton 12 months ago

Always a great experience at Saks Beverly Hills I was there earlier today. I felt very safe in Beverly Hills I could definitely see the extra police protection and the private security and the boards that are going up on the windows. LV at saks rocks!!! I didn’t even have to wait in line to get in probably because I was first customer at the door at 11 AM today when it opened laugh out loud

Teresa Wright-Fowler 12 months ago

I am so disappointed in Saks. Why would you allow to have something delivered that's a significant amount of money without a signature? Anyone else have this issue with them?

Cecilia Li 12 months ago

I've been trying to reach customer service, tried a couple of times but the automatic dial just couldn't get me to customer service. There's been no one helping me with a return, which I shipped back through Shoprunner. Do I still have to start a return on your official website - if so am I supposed to click "return to store" or request a label for $10?

Jennifer Coenen 11 months ago

The limits of the incompetence of your customer service staff knows no bounds. You just charged me today for an order that was canceled back in October. Your customer service staff is absolutely no help. You should be ashamed.

Melissa Villanueva 12 months ago

Very disappointed in Saks' customer service. TWICE Saks sent me the wrong product. I wrote customer service on 10/28/2020 and again on 11/01/2020, and still haven't received so much as an "I'm sorry: for the inconvenience" They now want to charge ME $9.95 (again) to return the same, WRONG product they've sent twice. I paid for the first return, why should I pay for a 2nd? This is horrible. At this point they should be sending me what I actually ordered and let me keep the wrong item too. Not buying anything else from their site.

Queenie Goo 11 months ago

this is crazy, Saks never responding, or responded then disappeared, you have to keep chasing. And, sent an email to me saying the problem is resolved but it's NOT! I then sent another two emails in a week and received reply saying my case will be addressed shortly and again no respond in nearly two weeks. What is going on the customer service just closed the case as they like and when I sent another email you gave a new case no. and no one contact me. Please reply my email, case no. 04665029