PUBG realistic update

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Insane that PUBG decided to lean this heavily into realism...

Posted 7 months ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Rae Campbell 6 months ago

The worst part was them sh*thing through their undies and never wiping their bums... I can't with this, the fact noises had me cracking up. 🤣🤣🤣

Nate Mirva 7 months ago

This is by far the shittiest video you guys ever made!

(This was a gooder)

What games would benefit from bathroom realism? GTA would be a disaster, all that driving and have to take a leak in the middle of running from the cops.

Rohini da Raccoon 7 months ago

My face hurts from laughing at the guys' faces, and that poop trap!! Gosh, I love that VLDL keeps bringing unexpected stuff!

Gabriel Magarelli 7 months ago

Ever play Ark? Crapping constantly. Once you get good at the game you get all excited if you have a easy way to "harvest" the feces 😂😂😂

Travis Morgan 5 months ago

I laughed so hard especially the sound demonstration.. you could see the pile of shit from the previous demonstration! Oh and shit trap. Saw that coming and it still killed me.

Jason Dietmeyer 7 months ago

So I watched this while I was on the toilet....such an immersive experience. 😂

Robert Sanders 7 months ago

Good tutorial to help keep out of crappy situations. Very nice!

Cesar Hladum 7 months ago

What isn't realistic is that in a survival situation you won't be eating as such you won't need the toilet regularly...when I was in my diet I was pooping every 3 or 4 days..simply because wasn't anything to poo..

Mike Muñoz 7 months ago

Terrible advice. Never all crap at once, take it in turns so the others can be lookouts. Better yet, wear nappies so you don't need to stop.

Shaun Yancy 7 months ago

Omg That was amazing! Great crossover with whacky jacky