Take your birth control

Anna Akana • 5 months ago   3.7K     204  •  80.2K Views
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It's been a wild week for women's rights. I hope you watch this with an open mind.

Posted 5 months ago in TV & Movies
Lauren Kathleen
Lauren Kathleen5 months ago

Is it just me or was anyone else really confused by the “7 days pregnant part”? They count pregnancy by your last menstrual period. At 7 days pregnant you aren’t technically pregnant yet. You haven’t even ovulated. To get a positive result on a home pregnancy test it needs to be when you’re about 2 days late (1 day from missed period) or about 4-5weeks pregnant. So that’s just why I’m confused. Maybe she meant 7 weeks, rather than days.

Rachael Manson
Rachael Manson5 months ago

Many a woman’s story. Thank you for sharing what many can’t.

Keith Burns
Keith Burns4 months ago

The mistake that too many make, is not understanding the choice that we take. It is not the choice to take birth control. It is not the choice to make a new life. It is the choice that will determine your happiness. The one choice, that either respects your life, your body, and your happiness, or does not. The choice is whether or not to engage in intercourse before marriage. There is a lot that couples can do before marriage that will let them grow closer and know each other fully, intimately, before sex. Things that you learn about each other's lives and bodies before you have intercourse, that inform you both how much you want each other. This prepares us to be ready. So, we know, that when we take that step into the bedroom, we are ready for what comes next, as a couple. Choice, as life itself, does not come without consequences. And, if you don't understand the choice that stands before you, which will create a new life and a happy family, then the choice becomes instead, a consequence. Unhappiness, depression, abortion, the consequences of our right to choose, when our choice was wrong to begin with. May God lift your spirit and enlighten your path, help you to find the power of forgiveness that can free you. Find happiness, but before that, discover celibacy. First, you must learn to love yourself. Have fun and enjoy your life. God wants everyone to be happy. That does not mean that we always get what we want, we get what we need. Blessings.

Noel Blain
Noel Blain5 months ago

Gorgeous story. I had a friend go through this herself and I'm not sure if she learned from the experience. It was rather sad to have to do it but she wouldn't of been able to go though with it. Always better to protect yourself as much as you can.

Mary Calais
Mary Calais5 months ago

Thank you for sharing. You are an amazingly strong woman. Proud of you.

James Marler II
James Marler II5 months ago

This might be the most honest thing I have ever seen.

Abortion is devastating. Almost 30 years later, I still cry... I still miss someone I never met... My girlfriend is still recovering...

The most helpful, healing thing, I think, is the brutally beautiful, honest story that we get from it. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

Nicolas Deso
Nicolas Deso5 months ago

Jeez i am so sorry Anna Akana I know words on a screen wont ever compare to that kind of life altering devastation.

Jacques Cabrol
Jacques Cabrol5 months ago

Anna Akana you are a woman that any man no matter his social classe would dream to have by his side. You are a woman with all the best qualities. Seeing how strong, intelligent and real you are is such a an inspiration for me. 😍❤️❤️

Patrick Minosa
Patrick Minosa5 months ago

Anna ive been watching your content for years and its been great watching them get better and better everytime.

Sabrina Molly Knott
Sabrina Molly Knott5 months ago

I’m glad someone is posting about the REALITY!!! Too many people judge and say it was “the woman being irresponsible” but no one talks about how men are congratulated about the number of women they sleep with or the pressure they put on women, or even pregnancies that result from sexual assault or an abortion that can save the moms life and the baby wouldn’t survive anyway. Thank you for sharing this story! ❤️