Biden Administration Celebrates First Tibetan Losar

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Biden Administration Celebrates First Tibetan Losar...

Posted 10 months ago

Amit Roy 10 months ago

Angry protestors are protesting in front Chinese embassy in yangon Burma for Chinese involvement the military coup to destroy democracy , USA has issued a strong statement to condemn recent coup .but Modi government is silent why India being biggest democracy is not supporting democracy supporters in Burma openly , china wanted to a total of Burma for a long time , first they promoted Burmese communist party and drug trade , china slowly captured entire north Burma using china backed insurgents and Chinese sponsored drug trades and drug producing outfits in golden triangle , then china wanted to enter in bay of Bengal using state run banks and their soft loan traps , infiltrating in Burmese army corrupting generals , china wants a total chaos in Burma as they have produced in Nepal or, Pakistan , which would destroy economy administrative structures , so that Chinese control would be unchallenged . and in these three cases these area are beings used against Indian interests , in Burma china created rohingya problem to screw indian sitway port and now back AA to stop indian entry in Rakhayan state , however among 30 projects suk ki only approved 9 that angered china ,wang yee went there plan a coup , problem is indians are only onlookers when they should be actively support pro democracy movement

Tenzin Rabghal Tenzin Rabghal 10 months ago

Happy losar 🙏🙏🙏❤🙏

Lobsang Gyaltsen 10 months ago

Cho Khonsar Starr 10 months ago

Thanks to USA government and boycott all Chinese products

Tsering Yangkyi 10 months ago

Passage Gyalpo 10 months ago