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Amid shortage of oxygen and ICU beds, Covid patients turn to jholachhap doctors in MP. India Today's Hemender Sharma gets us this exclusive ground report...
India's coronavirus crisis is spreading outside major cities. rural districts are now reporting more COVID-19 deaths. rural health care infrastructure is also coming under scrutiny. Here it is equipped enough to cope with just the rising number of COVID cases or not that remains to be seen and here's a fact check on the preparedness of Mad Pradesh government in Vidisha. Let's take a look. The second wave of coronavirus is ravaging the country rural areas, which were untouched by the first wave now are the most vulnerable. The situation is no different in Vidisha Vidisha Amid the shortage of oxygen and ICU beds. COVID patients are turning to jholachhap doctors radha. She has all coronavirus symptoms, but she is being treated for blood pressure in a one room shop. defying all COVID protocols Radha A's husband. Claimed that one government official checked on her but nothing was done. The man treating Radha does not hold a license and just has a diploma in medical service. आपको सरकार ने क्या आपका license है? Sir CMSC लिखी है license लोगों में एक झिझक जैसी चीज आ रही थी कि यदि कोई बीमार है तो उसको छुपाना जो झिझक थी और कई लोगों का कहना है कि उनको था इसके लिए हम जो पिछले एक हफ्ते से ज्यादा हो गया है sir जो प्रयास करते हुए कि पचास घरों के ऊपर एक शासकीय कर्मचारी क्योंकि शायद पहले दिन यदि व्यक्ति झिझक के कारण ना बताए तो दूसरे दिन बताए या तीसरे दिन बताए इसलिए इसको continuous survey continuous दल और पचास घर के ऊपर एक अधिकारी को हमने ah अधिकारी कोई बहुत बड़ा अधिकारी है छोटे ग्राम स्तरीय level के अधिकारी है ताकि थोड़ा सा झिझक टूटे और लोग सामने आए but if the collector had gone a few kilometers away who would have known that RTPCR and intelligent are not being done because the man who collects the sample is not there यहाँ The government has now launched a kill coronavirus campaign to control the rising number of coronavirus cases in rural mad Pradesh. The testing and tracking facilities, however, have not been enhanced and people in rural mad Pradesh continue to consult jholachhap doctors and are treating themselves. Their own homes with Vidisha Sharma India today.

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