Naruto - When it comes to Naruto, Moms are the real stars! πŸ’

Naruto • 9 months ago   16.7K     630
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When it comes to Naruto, Moms are the real stars! πŸ’

Cameron Banks
Cameron Banks6 months ago

My favorite is hinata

Kimberly Megan Zerkel
Kimberly Megan Zerkel3 months ago

Gaara’s mom protected him always πŸ’”

Sanika Nitol
Sanika Nitol9 months ago

Being like Kushina Uzumaki, the mother of Naruto is literally a goal you know 😍 she's just πŸ”₯

Drew Reliapo
Drew Reliapo6 months ago

Kushina and Sakura had in some way a similarities.

Ashlee Ramey
Ashlee Ramey1 month ago

My favorite anime mom is Hana from the movie wolf children

Damian Fitas
Damian Fitas9 months ago

It was second time i cry a lot watching natuto. Knowing how much it means to him to met his mom....ugh....i had to😭

Herson Smith
Herson Smith7 months ago

I got it, will of fire is the home-education that builds the culture.
Well, i don't have any favorite mom, but i'd choose Hinata... 🀷🏽

Devilsan Tgs
Devilsan Tgs9 months ago

very emotional scenes in here😞#naruto

Phillip Wennell
Phillip Wennell9 months ago

Hinata standing up to Pain. It was in that moment that Naruto should have known she was wife material. ❀

Osama Alkady
Osama Alkady9 months ago

I mean they are great but not as great as curly Dadan from one piece