VP speaks on voting rights

CBS News • 7 months ago   228     193  •  19.6K Views
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EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Kamala Harris is talking about changes to voting laws in her first interview on the topic as VP.

Vice President Harris spoke...

Posted 7 months ago in Politics
Sherrilyn Hoffman
Sherrilyn Hoffman7 months ago

Need to Do more than TALK about Voting Rights, Especially with the "Snail Pace" to get ANYTHING Actually D O N E in DC Right Now! "We the People" Need to ACT and protect our Democrocy! Let's 'Light a fire' under those who are Supposed to be Working for US!🤷🇺🇸🦅☮️🍀🙏✌️🕊️👍

Johnnie Baker
Johnnie Baker7 months ago

Harris need to be impeached

Kaleigh Clark
Kaleigh Clark7 months ago

Photocopy… their ID… read that again. Her logic is they can’t photocopy their ID…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
But they HAVE AN ID!!!!!

Jesse Gean
Jesse Gean7 months ago

This is hilarious. Democrats really think that individuals are so pitiful that they should be exempt from securities that protect democracy. Gmab!

Linda Peshlakai
Linda Peshlakai7 months ago

Was she told to say this? She is the 2nd puppet for most likely obama, Soros and the swamps.

Doreen Sharma
Doreen Sharma7 months ago

What country is she living in

David J Spencer
David J Spencer7 months ago

Republicans are worried and must restrict voting to ensure they win!!!

Barbara Ann Cruz
Barbara Ann Cruz7 months ago

Impeach kamallah too.

Andy Schalk
Andy Schalk7 months ago

People don’t have a local library or school, with a copy machine? A local political party affiliation can’t set up a location and help people make copies? They could make it part of their normal canvasing efforts.

Tee Lindsay
Tee Lindsay7 months ago

Do her followers know how stupid she thinks they are ??