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Posted 1 year ago in Animals & Pets
Carolyn Rule
Carolyn Rule1 year ago

I love that picture is so cute where you dress her up like a little baby baby slowed down clothes. He is so cute. Love her forever. Take good care of her and God bless you for loving your animal like you do. But you care that baby and she'll love you back more and more everyday.

June Bruno
June Bruno1 year ago

Obviously all the snarky remarks about those who dress their dogs never had a loving canine companion....I had a flat coated retriever who loved wearing a bandana and a, β€œnecklace” with charms hanging from it....if it was taken off her neck she would poke at me and whine till it was put back....nothing like having a dog to love....

Patty Bechtol Walzer
Patty Bechtol Walzer1 year ago

The dog is adorable by itself...maybe a sweater for going outside, but not a dress and bonnet, thank you!

Pammie Lovejoy
Pammie Lovejoy1 year ago

You must be pining for a baby to dress your dog like that shame on you poor little thing

Ceja Gant
Ceja Gant1 year ago

Some people need to get themselves doll babies and leave the pups alone.

Lynn Beck
Lynn Beck1 year ago

Beautiful dog why dress it up doesn't need these clothes to look.good

Stephanie Reece
Stephanie Reece1 year ago

I am not a fan of dressing dogs up. That being said some dogs love to get dressed. I have a little morkie and she loves to put a coat on when it’s gets cold out. She prances around like a super model with it on and doesn’t want to take it off when we get inside. And she knows when I get a new harness for her she can’t wait to try it on. Her previous owner use to put her in dresses and hats maybe that’s why she likes putting on her coat.

Janet Bird
Janet Bird1 year ago

Why? Why do people dress their dogs up just to get a photo and "likes" on fb? Dogs don't need dressing up to look good.

Beth Dallmann
Beth Dallmann1 year ago

She’s an adorable dog, leave her alone!! Look at her eyes when they start putting clothes on her, she looks sad, she doesn’t understand or like it very much. Dogs don’t understand or like being dressed up in human clothes. Get yourself a doll if you want to play dress up & leave the poor dogs alone!!

Clifford Allinson
Clifford Allinson1 year ago

Sorry but some of them need two get a life, dog have all ready got a costume it you