One Piece Chapter 1000 "LUFFY Vs AKAINU" | Final War [Fan Dub]...

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This is the Fan dub of one of the greatest Fan made One piece chapter. One piece Luffy Vs Akainu Final war with some amazing video editing and awesome sound effects . Manga Panel is colorized by the Great Artist and my friend Rocata deviant art and video is edited by me . I HOPE U GUYS WILL ENJOY.
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LUFFY vs AKAINU! Full length hand drawn chapter by FruticaFresca on Reddit:
FlyingPandaTv : Gorosei and Marines
Drizzt The Theorist : Blackbeard and admiral Green Bull
Socks VA : Boa Hancock
Deathwink : Luffy
Rumbar_29 : Trafalgar Law
Fronky : Akainu and Marco
Saffron kaizoku : Gorosei
Uncle Kizaru : Admiral Kizaru
Video editing and effects : Hawkeye Rules (me)
colorization of manga panel : Rocata (deviant Art)

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