BTS - V - Idk if y'all notice this 🤣 ☁️

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Idk if y'all notice this 🤣


Posted 11 months ago in Music & Audio

Jasmin Angeles 11 months ago

Lol it’s Taehyung who’s driving. When you look in the rearview mirror, you can obviously see the ones sitting behind you so it’s just normal to see JK’s reflection there bec he’s sitting behind the driver’s seat, also it’s bec of the angle of the camera. You can actually see Taehyung’s shirt and JK’s shirt if you look closely.

Ka Ren Medina 11 months ago

nope, its definitely tae, look at that shirt in the driver sit! 😊

민자멜라 11 months ago

No its Taehyung who drives the car, check the seems like JK coz they usually have the same silhouette most of the time,JK is sitting behind Taehyung

Jojo D Uchi 11 months ago

No one drive while he looking to the sky
So it's tae who's driving

Alexandra Ciobanu 11 months ago

I have noticed also that Tae is looking at Jk in the mirror 🥰 love this moment ... TaeKook is my heart 🤗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Martin Victoria Fatima 11 months ago

From someone who's always sitting in the backseat I can assure you jk's sitting behind the driver which is V.

Leira Hipolito Duncil 11 months ago

No, Tae is the one who's driving 😊 see the shirt on the driver's seat 😊

Kianna Griffin 11 months ago

I just know someone who doesn't know how to drive made this 😂

Mich 11 months ago

I noticed that since the release.🤣

Mench Vallejos 11 months ago

I already saw this in tiktok 😂