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Posted 2 months ago in Social Issues

Craig Clemens 2 months ago

Was In Vietnam on the last day very much the same , leaving them out to dry. The fall is Saigon take 2. As they say at the end of a looney tunes cartoon. That’s all folks

Sherri Ann Smith 2 months ago

Me and my family have gone a year and a half without Covid, and none of us got the vax. So I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine without it.

Betty Dailey 2 months ago

Stop playing the blame game. Come together now more than ever. Root for each other help and protect one another with more pride and respect than ever.

Deborah Todd 2 months ago

The Bible says submit yourself in the guide and resist the devil and he will flee the devil is under our feet for those of you who are scared and worried about what’s going on in our world pray pray pray in Jesus name

Carlos Blanco Jr. 2 months ago

America is not the world police. If you want to be free you have to fight to be free. Our founding fathers fought for our liberty. And because of this I am a fighter. I will always be one.

Andrea WJ 2 months ago

Now thousands of Afghanistan 🇦🇫 people are displaced and have lost everything. Many women are forced to marry the Taliban soldiers. We are just leaving thousands of men, women and children to be killed. This is so shameful after they helped us for 20 years.

Karen Jamison 2 months ago

Media just shows you what they want you to believe…

Vicki Ferguson 2 months ago

Let them be and be glad we are out of there after 20 years of no win.

Jessica Lindsey Jaisingh 2 months ago

Nothing I already know...They keep saying the same stuff over and over...I am tried of it...

John Pri 2 months ago

Can you say Saudi Arabia? 9 -11 source of all problems. Biden is spot on. No more American lives need be lost.