Lawmakers question the future of Section 230

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"We have freedom of speech and the ability to have a free access to information in our nation. This provision is being misused and abused, and the Court...

Posted 9 months ago in Politics

Olivia Brown 9 months ago

Big tech started electronic civil war, Florida and Tennessee boycott them, Biden really does not care, boycotting them, not one day should go by without your freedom of speech

Danielle Mattos 9 months ago

Trump incited a riot GTFO with this BS, The President of the United States Has to be held to a higher standard then everyday citizens‼ Dont be idiots Fox News‼

Gabriel Abraham 9 months ago

Gabriel Abraham 9 months ago

Rabia Rabi 9 months ago


Keith C Rosenast 9 months ago

Now that the president isn't tweeting every sec of the days we should hear more of the truth

Oba Micheal 9 months ago

For me, the owners of Twitter and Facebook think they are gagging or punishing Trump who is already a household name ..they've forgotten that anything Trump says will become Global news thereby attracting attention to such platform which is good for business. Remember how Obama mismanaged Apple until it left America for China. A smart Chinese dude could lunch a social media platform and make use of Trump's controversial popularity on its platform. After all, any devil can do business with a saint for profit or vice versa.

It is not about Trump's "America first" agenda or "make America great again," it is obviously about a global world order, one world, one tower of Babel which the Chinese communist ideology fits into. Should all hands be on deck and make communist China and its ideology Great?

Well, "nothing is in a state of continuum except change".... Is American Dream on its way to graveyard in favour of Chinese Dream? Time shall tell.

Oba Micheal

Carl Hougom 9 months ago

The radical right wants violence its not about free speech!