YADA - Part 2 The baby is here!!! IG @dvinequeenyada

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Part 2 The baby is here!!! IG @dvinequeenyada

Posted 2 months ago in Children & Parenting

Victoria Hadasa Oquendo 2 months ago

This proves how we been taught to give birth has been all wrong ! Prolonged for a costly labor and delivery bill. This was beautiful

Iswa Aili Zwaditu 2 months ago

Aww yasss Queen you did that! Congratulations sending healing and blessings. You are amazing! 👑😊

Alyson Baylor 2 months ago

My daughter came out fast like that too! My first natural birth. Godbless your family 💖

Nicole Medina Lewis 2 months ago

Dang I drive home from work and miss the birth. Congratulations

Crystal Anderson 2 months ago

Awwwww that was quick!!!! God is good!!!! Congrats this was beautiful ❤️

Walter Tigue 2 months ago

The baby is moving just make sure she's okay
Both momma and baby

Natalie Carter 2 months ago

Beautiful!!!Congratulations and Blessings on your growing family!!!❤👣🤗

Chrissy Rich 2 months ago

Congratulations on y’all new baby girl to the family ❤️❤️❤️

Tina Davis-Samuels 2 months ago

All praises to the Most High… this is such a beautiful beautiful moment to witness… the energy and love surrounding this Queen 👑 ❤️🙌🏽

Precious Johnson 2 months ago

How precious ❤
I remember when the other baby was born...