Boris Johnson Speech About Indian Coronavirus Variant

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Boris Johnson is making a national speech after emergency talks over the Indian coronavirus variant

Posted 5 months ago in Social Issues

Dot Dobson 5 months ago

Flights should have been stopped. Yes I know economically it wouldn’t be good, but what is more important money or lives. Close our borders immediately, stop anyone coming in or going out. Too little too late AGAIN.

Latina's Nichel 5 months ago

All leaders world wide cannot manage this pandemic they don't know what to do they themselves are scared for their life what we need to do is to be responsible and protect our family remember THEY ARE ALL IMPERFECT

Gail Russell 5 months ago

Stop the flights from India it’s common sense 😡😡😡

Sinead Howard 5 months ago

For those arguing against the vaccine. What’s the alternative? Letting people die?

Alison Tweedie 5 months ago

We were never going to be finished with face masks and social distancing on the 21st June, bit odd anyway how furlough will last till September,