SORTEDfood - Dear Jennifer Lawrence, we made this sandwich...

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Dear Jennifer Lawrence, we made this sandwich especially for you...
Dear our general now I'm no sure how you going to get miss cause. You don't use twitter, but this is your perfect breakfast. Heaven. What we've made for you here is the biggest life we can find made into pizza with delicious homemade mayonnaise tomato sauce and all the cheese we could find the top it with mushrooms glazed bacon with mama amazing fried eggs because you live in California, some weird kale. This is been designed for someone with a big beautiful part and a big beautiful appetite and somebody who, like things so much between two pieces there's enough here for you to enjoy the Thing of your imminent next paskah, an initial look cute enjoy just before your acceptance. Speech. Your hunger games maybe over but our love for you is stronger than ever forever. Yours very I'm James

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