Pibare Rama Rasam - Short Version

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FB 431 - Short Version - Pibare Rama Rasam! Get immersed in the essence of THAT! Here is the full version https://youtu.be/vJxVWF8KjFI

Posted 4 years ago

Annapoorani Ramesh 4 years ago

Kuldeep bhai badiya hai rahul. Mast selection..Kya hawaz hai. 😃😃

Kamala Devi 4 years ago

இறையருள் உனக்கு எப்பொழுதும் உண்டு..!

Ramya Vemuru 4 years ago

We grew up listening to Pujya DR.M.BalaMurali's version which is considered to the ultimate in music melody, But the Innocence of this child has taken this rendition to a different level, God Bless!

Satyanarayan Sahoo 4 years ago

Kuldeep ji I salute your sense of spirituality..in search of feeling of almighty God by innocent chantings of slokas ,strotas.

Soumya Tekal 4 years ago

Ravishankar Vellal and Hema Suryanarayana please take off Dhristi for him! Yeshtttttttttttu shuddha Sangeetha! Such Bhava Laden...May he have the choicesssssssssst blessings of Rama...Love u Rahul!:-)
Kuldeep ji, what you are doing by picking gems in terms of talent and letting those gems present gems is inexplicable ! That's all I can say..many many pranams to you!

Kalyani Krishnakumar 4 years ago

Premluuuu. En chellakutty ennamaa paadraan. Child prodigy and he is truly gifted. God bless him with a great career in Music.

Girijamani Mk 4 years ago

Very nice melodious and matured voice.May God bless you with long life and prosperity.నీ లేత గొంతులో ఎన్నెన్ని గమకాల గిరికీలు, ఎన్నదగిన స్వరవాయిద్యాల వైవిధ్యాలు!!
పిట్ట కొంచెం కూత ఘనం!!!

Santosh K Nema 4 years ago

Excellent rendition, captivating. Voice modulation is so fine that it introduces you with the genuine sense of Bhakti.

Anantha Krishnan U 4 years ago

This is a glimpse of India’s future. Confident, talented and peaceful. Thanks Mr Pai for bringing out such gems.

Jayanthi 4 years ago

Rahul ,you a blessed child like Surya Gayathri.hats off to your Guru n your parents.God bless you.i love to hear the song again n again