Calls for tests for care home visitors as residents go months without visits

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"When the government say they are trying to keep people safe, how are they keeping them safe from dying of loneliness and isolation?"

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Posted 12 months ago in Social Issues

David Bedwell 12 months ago

Sorry to say but most care homes are private and profit takers!!😙 This Is devastating to know this Is going on. Everyone should be able to see relatives and friends from a mental health point of view!!The elderly shouldn't be forgot about!😞 God bless us all. People are worried about Xmas!!😙😙 selfishness for some Is the common now...

Deejay Trauma 12 months ago

Work in care home let's get it right, no GP visits, no hospital appointments to monitor ongoing health conditions, no family visits, staff wearing masks no facial expression, (helps with dementia patients) it's a bloody cull not covid

Heidi Springer 12 months ago

Care Home GENOCIDE they will pay when we bring them to court for their crimes against humanity??

Graham Luck 12 months ago

The main problem with this is my partners carehome have had restricted visits as instructed by PHE for some months now & relatives seem to think it's the care homes decision. Consequently the staff have to cope with lots of verbal abuse from the relatives.

Maia Roberts 12 months ago

DNRs slapped on elderly without family permission. Illegal.
No family contact. Elderly Abuse

Todd Radlin 12 months ago

I'd love to hear this bullshit explanation.....I'm good thanks ,I'm old enough to determine what is safe and what is not

Solomon Fisa 12 months ago

Just say it the gov are killing them

Vivienne Clark 12 months ago

Stop blaming the government for your inadequacy

Johanna Payne 12 months ago

Governments are killing people to get the population down, covid has been and gone this is the next faise of the new world order, depopulation programme.

Matthew Kirkham 12 months ago

Very sad the amount of damage the lockdown and continued restrictions have done and continue to do at our own will to follow Boris.
There is no reason for this to continue now, there is no second wave according to ONS data and were using PCR test that generate mass false positives during influenza season.
Think we need to try to get back to living now.