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Mamoru Miyano has a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for all of you fresh from Crunchyroll Expo ~ !

Miquel Barraza
Miquel Barraza3 months ago

Seiyuu and I love it

Myo Min Aung
Myo Min Aung1 year ago

Sabai2 years ago


Khesya Kim Gonzales
Khesya Kim Gonzales3 years ago

If it's Miyano Mamo - it's Dazai alright. Can't see anything . Xan HAHA PS. Why is he so sassy? HAHAHA

Maxwell Andrew Teves
Maxwell Andrew Teves3 years ago

Amiel Rabadon Aves watch ug anime ani

Nya ang.mga voice damn 😍😍😍

Misaki Dragneel
Misaki Dragneel3 years ago

Catalina González coshita bella 😂 aunque nunca podré con sus zapatos :v

Satrio Muhammad Alif
Satrio Muhammad Alif3 years ago

It is better if u become mad scientist again not sad scoentist

Luj Rosanna Felecio
Luj Rosanna Felecio3 years ago

Taki twiiiiiinn!!! My heart! Agghhh! ❤❤❤

Bianca seiyuu ni Dazai. 😁

Meriam Zayani
Meriam Zayani3 years ago

marry me <3

Valentina Raineri
Valentina Raineri3 years ago

Amanda Biraghi lo guarderei solo per questo video di presentazione lol