Brave Raccoon Cub Stays The Night At Fox Den

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Guy looks at his trail camera footage and sees a baby raccoon having the weirdest night ever... in den full of foxes 🦊

Posted 2 months ago in Animals & Pets

The Dodo 2 months ago

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Tiffany Niles 2 months ago

She just like all these moms out here....can't find or afford daycare so start leaving their kids with questionable babysitters😅😩

Pam Mulcrone Tichy 2 months ago

She needed some daycare for an evening out. 🤷

Gina Buentello Wolf 2 months ago

I’m feeding a fox and 2 stray cats right now and they all live together rather well. My domesticated cat hangs out with them too. Lol The fox is actually afraid of the cats.

Rish Corey 2 months ago

Did we witness a secret rite of passage that all baby raccoons must go through?!😳😳

Dorothy Horak Siragusa 2 months ago

I know nothing about raccoons (except they are nocturnal- and I believe they are omnivores- but their meat portion is usually small reptiles, birds) - so why would momma lead him to a fox den?! Glad he was able to tell the tale of his “adventure”…but maybe momma ought to be reported to child protective services!

Michelle Botha 2 months ago

Ok, this is nuts. My theory is baby has been so naughty and mamma says “you keep behaving like that and I’m dropping you of at the fox den” and like all good mothers she’s got to follow through😳🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Kyle Owens 2 months ago

Momma had a date and couldn’t find a babysitter.

Rita Marcon 2 months ago

The things we do for childcare...

Mark Krikava 2 months ago

This suggests there are even more layers to our kin in the animal world. When an interaction between two species we think we know manifests behavior in both we didn't anticipate that's worth checking out.