How Parents Treat Different Siblings

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How parents treat different siblings. We've all been there 😂

Posted 2 months ago in Children & Parenting

LADbible 2 months ago

Massive thanks to Ryan, make sure you check out his channels below -

Shraddha Ghavi 2 months ago

Don't know about the oldest or middle child, but in my family younger one is always neglected.

Alana Otton Manetta Shibata 2 months ago

Middle child here! My dad tells all my childhood funny stories like they're my brother's cause he never remembers me even being there 😂

Nosa S. Omoregie 2 months ago

This is very very exaggerated but very funny

Meagan Bingham Carreon 2 months ago

To all my middle child friends from the 80s. Pretty accurate 😂😂
Mainly why I purposely avoided having a middle child myself!

Gem Ji Ey 2 months ago

Hmmn, I think I won't be having three kids if my middle child will always feel this way. I'm the youngest, and my siblings don't mind how our parents adore me. In fact, my siblings also treat me like a baby. Hehe. 🥰

Shaun Harrison 2 months ago

Oldest child here this hurt my soul

Emily Giesteira 2 months ago

Yep, middle child here and this was so true growing up in my household. I remember dinner time conversations and I was never included in the conversation unless I interrupted it with a forced fart and then everyone noticed me 🤣🤣🤣

Pauland Shirley Brosnan 2 months ago

I'm that middle child to the extent my parents would forget my birthday. Well it is on Christmas day. 😬🤣

Frederic A. Ferry 2 months ago

I'm the eldest of 3, all boys. Till date our mum would remind us when our youngest's birthday is approaching, sighs when she eventually remembers it's my birthday (thanks Facebook) as for our middle one. He got to the point where he even completely forgets about his own birthday unless his bank/Starbucks card center reminds him.