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Even I giggled watching this one!

Posted 8 months ago in Performing Arts

Imtî Ñùk Jr. 1 month ago

Russel u are Still a Legend!

Manoj Rajappan 5 months ago

Same kind of so called jokes - making fun of people/race.....move on..

William Dean 8 months ago

He is no longer funny anymore!!

All of his jokes are about picking on the different nationalities in the audience with no real original content!

When you have to pick on your audience to make people laugh, it’s then that you must realize that your comedian act is at it’s end.

Russel Peters is all washed up.

And this is the real truth, spoken out very clearly!!

Mukesh Kumar 8 months ago

Whatever my mood is, these videos makes me laugh

Ashutosh Malpani 8 months ago

What's your real name Russell ?? You must also have some Indian name right ??

Nishat Shormi 8 months ago

Mr. Peters, what a pleasure attending your show in Atlanta. My heart is at peace now.

Moha Hafid 8 months ago

You must be well prepared if you want to go to Peter's shows.

Rudy Dimayuga Jr. 8 months ago

Dude look at ur face in the mirror before u make fun of other people...just sayin! LOL

Sharma Ghanendra 8 months ago

He is lucky he is not performing in India and bullying audiences.

Noor Sulaiman 6 months ago

Same jokes about Asian, Arabs and other people, so consumed, and not funny anymore, also making fun of physical appearance is way too much and not funny. You should be more creative as you used to be.