Stadium golf at ANZ Stadium

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ANZ Stadium is being transformed into a custom 9-hole golf course.

Members of the public can tee off from different levels within the grand stand. The...

Posted 11 months ago

Chris Hoycard 11 months ago

$99 for 9 holes is certainly great value.

James Mcintosh 11 months ago

I’d just be trying to drive it through the goals stuff the holes lol

Alissa Ho 11 months ago

great, while peoople are struggling homeless... more money is wasted in destroying the seats and stands built for no apparent reason...

Daniel McGarrity 11 months ago

I don’t see the point if you can’t go on the grass.... it’s a driving range for $80 ha

Brandon Glumac 11 months ago

Connor Leech when you get the new addition to the set.

Jay D Nand 11 months ago

Ummm where’s nrl games being played??

Gavin James Petrovic 11 months ago

Can we do it while the roosters train ?

Hayden Scanlon 11 months ago

Adelaide ovals done this for years

Josh Pyatt 11 months ago

$79?! Did you want my leg with that as well?