How covid-19 exposes systemic racism in America

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In America, black people are almost twice more likely to die from covid-19 as white people. Economist journalists explain how the pandemic has...

Posted 4 months ago in Social Issues

Andrej Kolar 4 months ago

Who wrote this article? A child with low emotional intelligence. You are guys disgrace to your profession.

Cate Callahan 4 months ago

Most likely from health issues and life style....

Blake Chapman 4 months ago

The economist has journalistic standards below Mother Jones and Cat Fancy

Victor Pretkus 4 months ago

Media ,as TV are in hands of billionaires or if you like! news are money.. No minority has to last hundred of years and pay & collect money. several times. all ..the one that did suffer are history... we can't help minorities for ever...we only can do it help them help themselves! or be secondaries minorities! IS life law..cruel sometimes....but the best ( as in sports...take the best trofeos! Comfort Zone is addiction in USA !

Alvaraf Alop 4 months ago

Racism and classism in Perú, worse than United States

Victor Pretkus 4 months ago

I can go IN
any part of black bar (i am white and order a drink and no media controlled by GREEDYS!

Victor Pretkus 4 months ago

WHY no politic used that money to create a pharmacy or clinic to minorities not good deal to politicians ji ji!

Daniel A Dadi 4 months ago


Barbara Saldanha Pereira 4 months ago

Race baiting...🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Jesse Rosales 4 months ago

You guys are instigators.