Ron Jeremy Faces Over 30 Counts of Sexual Assault

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Ron Jeremy faces over 30 counts of sexual assault.

Posted 3 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Scott Abdo 3 months ago

Oh this guy🤦🏻‍♂️…. I had a sister in-law once tell me she sat next to him on a plane, & he hit on her during the flight, & gave her his business card. Sister-in-law plays for the other team as well, & u didn’t have to wonder either. That didn’t stop him. He is a National treasure….

Mike Waters 3 months ago

He is looking at 300 years in prison

Ray Littlefield 3 months ago

I doubt this very much, this is more of a witch hunt.

Frank Eaton 3 months ago

And bill cosby out of jail already!

Don Snodgrass 3 months ago

A grand jury indicted him a few days ago.

Mark Herrmann 3 months ago

Now him and Bill Cosby have something in common

Randy McDermott 3 months ago

I'ma think he should run for POTUS.

Gareth Davies 3 months ago

$6.6m bail 😲

Billy Jack Smith 3 months ago

I guess they pull his name out of the hat 🎩

Jeff Boggs 3 months ago

I’m sure it’s much higher than that !!