Puppy Wants To Play Chase With Baby

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"Chase me baby, chase me!"... 馃槀

Posted 5 years ago in Children & Parenting

Tyla 5 years ago

Thanks for the video Jodie Gaul. Do you have a video you want to share? Visit pretty52.com/submit

Adriann Mathieson 5 years ago

Dawn Easton this was parker with Skye the other day lol

Danni Williamson 5 years ago

Reminds me of Tasha ! Mary

Jade Tomkins 5 years ago

Raven Kilday This will be mylo and the baby in a few months 馃槀!

Siti Hajah Jaafar 5 years ago

This is sooooo awesome

Ansa Bibi 5 years ago

Claire Keeling the whole way i was imagining the baby being adheem

Gillian Lewis 5 years ago

Donna Louise Hardcastle 5 years ago

Emily this is like Robin and Henry hahaha x

Amy Ramessar 5 years ago

Natalie Jones a mini rocket with legs 馃槀

Thelma Frost 5 years ago

Love it 馃槏.