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HELP WANTED: Paesano's Italian Market in Cape Coral is hiring butchers and deli workers! 🥩🍖🧀🥖🥗
It is help wanted Wednesday and part of our commitment is helping you find a job if you need one and helping employers find workers. Pasano's Italian Market in Cape Coral is hiring butchers and deli workers. So, this morning, I'm showing you what makes this market such a special place to work. The atmosphere is like you're walking in an Italian village. And Jerry Furio made sure the atmosphere at Pisano's Italian Market was complete with even the most intimate details. I have my own we're hanging there just like Italy. They would do over the balconies and my wives are hanging also. That level of detail is seen throughout the Cape Coral shop. In the signs from popular streets in Chicago where Jerry opened his first shop 37 years ago to the authentic Italian cuisine that stocks the shelves. This is the pasta freezer where we sell ravioli and homemade shells, meat, and cheese. We have meatballs and sauce, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana. We have pizzas of all kind. This is all homemade but the best guarantee you could buy, we make ricotta cheesecake which is my mother's recipe. Not to mention the meat case filled with homemade burgers, sausages, and cuts of steak. Best filet mignon in any town. It's aged and it's so tender and melts in your mouth. And if you don't mind, I would like to introduce you to a butcher where he will show you how to peel a filet mignon. I love that. Nick is one of four butchers working at Pasano's. But cut it the right way. But Jerry says, he needs more and he's struggling to find genuine butchers in Southwest Florida. It's like finding a needle and a haystack. Jerry says, the job would be flexible and requires experience. He's also looking for people to work in the deli. Slicing cheeses, meats, serving uh homemade salads that we make. For that job, he says he gets plenty of applications but when it comes to actually filling the position. The same day they're called, either they don't answer the phone and I leave a message or they wish a lot of time to show up and they never show up. So, if you're interested in working in a place rich in Italian tradition. Let me introduce you to an eighteenth century Sicilian cart. Wow. Genuine, handmade, and painted. Wow. In its original condition. With heart and passion mixed right into every item they sell. We make our own fresh mozzarella every morning. I think it's still warm. It is still a little warm. Meat sauce, vodka sauce, pasta sauce. Jared says, stop on in. It's a pleasant place to work. I don't have buffs written on my forehead, okay? I laugh with them. I joke with them as long as the job is done as long as we take care of the customer. Now, Jerry says, the deli worker position can either be full or part time. So, for more information on that job and the butcher position and to apply for either, you can go to our website, Fox four slash rebound and if you have a job opening you want featured in our help wanted Wednesday segment, send me an Email at Lisa dot Greenberg at Fox four Now dot com. You can also send me a message on Facebook. It's like a pretty nice place. Oh man. Looks wonderful. Guys, you knew I was in heaven there. Yeah. All the food. Is he hiring for a taste tester, maybe a food reviewer for social media? I did inquire about a taste testing position. Did you? Yup, no payment there.

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