he Kidnapping Plot Against Governor Whitmer Was WAY More Disturbing Than You Thought

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According to documents filed in court this week, the plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer was far more disturbing than previously...

Posted 11 months ago in Politics

Kimberley Dixon 11 months ago

Mentally ill my ass! Lock em up and throw away the keys!!

Fernando Ayala 11 months ago

Very American

Ela Liermann 11 months ago

That criminals are trump supporters

Sherry Arch 11 months ago

They are not mentally ill, they are worshippers of this vile person in the White House. They need to spend time in one of the prison in Latin America, to see who they will obey.

Love Tyron 11 months ago

Please Lock This Orange, FuckTard Retarded, And Rumpers Goons Up...Pronto!.

Lionel Yarber 11 months ago

...not buying the "mentally ill" jazz, when this was a premeditated act. Under "free will" to burn down a courthouse, kidnap the Govenor...and threatened to kill officials, if you didnt get what you wanted. This was homegrown, white terrorism and this GOVERNMENT refuses to call it as such....

Magdalena Nikoloska 11 months ago

Go Trumpy ☀️

Avontaque Kimber-Flowers 11 months ago

But the right wants to argue it wasn’t a big deal, right? Digesting.

April L Brown 11 months ago

Well my vote was valid as well as my family's, we vote B/H sooo, no plot behind ours 🤣.

Marsha Mack 11 months ago

Their leader need a psych evaluation as well😡