Nicole Solorio-Romero's sister pleads for help

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2NEWS AT 5: It's been 8 days since Nicole Solorio-Romero was forcefully kidnapped in Kearns. Her sister issues a plea for help to find her.

Posted 8 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

George Bennett 8 months ago

Such a sweet, fun girl!
Thinking about her family at this time and hoping for a safe return of my ole friend!

Melanie Shimizu 8 months ago

Now we know why she didn't want to call the cops. Has to do with drugs she knows who took her. Sad I hope they find her so the family can have some kind of closure

Frankie Paul 8 months ago

I sure hope she found safe prayers to the family and her that she safe some were

Penny Mills 8 months ago

I still don’t understand why it took 9 days before you put it out ☹️

Jamie Lynn Miklas 8 months ago

It’s sad when someone goes missing but again it’s not okay to ask for help when your trying to get sympathy for something you did that just makes you look like a hypocrite and dishonest , and how on earth are we to call you or your mom lmao like you didn’t even post your phone # so that’s why this post is so suspicious 🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔

Jacob IsBell 8 months ago

Why the friggin face-diaper?

Randy Ipsen 8 months ago

Take off the mask I don’t think the virus is spread electronically.