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Tell Me Where It Hurts | MYMP

Posted 2 months ago

Roselyn Ramos 2 months ago

Why don't you tell me where it hurts oh baby and I will do my best to make it better ..

Fénix Fénix Fénix 2 months ago


Jocel Venancio Javellana 2 months ago

Zacherry 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Arjay Agdon 2 months ago

Lee Talledo busy ka po?

Marites Torrefiel Ybañez 2 months ago

My favorite song!

Roselyn Ramos 2 months ago

Makin you feel blue, is there anything that i can do

O w s h i e 2 months ago

My brother created a facebook account with a female profile picture of a beautiful lady. Imagine, our father sent him friend request and he is telling him, he is single and has no children.

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Jack Jacky 2 months ago

Geraldine Prosper Regis duet memories nyo ni pido😊

Gina Amposta 2 months ago

is beutiful song