It’s Fried, It’s Cheesy, It’s Huge. What More Do You Need to Know?

Tastemade • 5 months ago   1.6K     252  •  777.5K Views
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Cheese lovers, this giant deep-fried rice ball was made for you. 🤤

Posted 5 months ago in Food & Drink
Tastemade5 months ago

Giant Rice Ball -

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh5 months ago

Or, as the civilised world calls them, arancini. And they’re better when authentic rather than adapted for American palates.

Annalisa Annalisa
Annalisa Annalisa5 months ago

Meno male che hanno avuto almeno la decenza di non chiamarlo/a arancino/a

Derek Wilson
Derek Wilson5 months ago

There is no way that is going to be so hot in the middle only with shallow fry, the outside would be black and burnt before the internal temperature was that hot, you would need to finish it in the in the oven

Ron Goren
Ron Goren5 months ago

Rotem Link מגה ארנצ'יני עם בולונז 😱😱😱

Izzy House
Izzy House5 months ago

Matt James

Kim Collings Schember
Kim Collings Schember5 months ago

What’s the recipe for Bolognese sauce?

Nella Sampietro
Nella Sampietro5 months ago

Condivido con te Rosaria...non si può guardare ma ché arancina😯😘👋