Nathanael Boucaud • 7 months ago   8K     601  •  5.8M Views
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Break up prank on my wife! (She wasn't happy! 馃槄)

Posted 7 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family
Nathanael Boucaud
Nathanael Boucaud7 months ago

You think you'd try this on your girl? 馃槄 Let me know!

Ramat Samah
Ramat Samah7 months ago

i love you tow together this is the kind of love are need now in my life

Richards Ugochukwu Okeke
Richards Ugochukwu Okeke7 months ago

I love the whole love atmosphere. She really love that dude....felt for her though.

Hey man...don't try this in Nigeria, man. You gon get the biggest shock of your life. She go carry your picture to Shilo straight away! 馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ

Noah Okine
Noah Okine7 months ago

Wooow I feel like crying my self. Nat please don't you ever ever do that again. But I gat the say if you love her she love you more Pace.

Oumar Camara
Oumar Camara7 months ago

That鈥檚 a good test to make sure that her love is still the same 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍

Nathan Burke
Nathan Burke7 months ago

She to lovely to break up with. Love her name

Emmanuel Kanani
Emmanuel Kanani7 months ago

How beautiful she's and pranks her that you wana break up with her!!!! Ooooh man take care

Blac Foot
Blac Foot7 months ago

You wrong for going that long making her cry but you funny as hell

Ritja TK Hekemo
Ritja TK Hekemo7 months ago

I love my husband but I know I won鈥檛 cry I am moering a man and I鈥檒l go to my mamma and cry馃樄馃樄馃樄

Bero Abel Fernando Bero
Bero Abel Fernando Bero7 months ago

MG! Always prank! I blv that One day she will hate you.馃槀馃樋