Chinese students could be denied visas over spying fears

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Chinese #students could have their #visas revoked or denied amid growing #government suspicion that they could be spying.

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Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

Zack Hatch 1 year ago

Oh no, what if China finds out our universities are over priced and that our student housing is shoddy :O

Jane Bernstein 1 year ago

UK government too greedy to turn them away

Nicola Coveney 1 year ago

load of rubbish!!!. Why can't we accept that we have a fantastic world renowned education system and that students are happy to pay vast amounts of money to come here to learn. Our education system is a successful export.

Tim Murphy 1 year ago

More fear bollocks. What are they gunna report back to Beijing that they dont already know? That the number 271 bus from Liverpool to St. Helen's doesnt run on time?

Mark Donaldson 1 year ago

So, promotes globalism but doesn't want China or Russia in that club.
Reminds me of John Cleese decrying the American 'World series' which only has American teams playing

Hussain Jafari 1 year ago

You can’t speak about to war criminals gay they quickly blame you anti Semitic anti British values but billions of chines Muslims being discriminated killed stolen by no body has no name to tackle the problem long live China 🇨🇳

Wendy le Feuvre 12 months ago

Should be addressing illegal immigration before going down this road

Tony Quinn 1 year ago

😂😂 how paranoid do you need to be to expel students from the country fs🤦‍♂️

Thomas Redpath 1 year ago

Just move to Hong Kong & buy the right papers , Boris will greet them at Heathrow.

John Bailey 12 months ago

Of course China wil use students to spy. It's not rocket science.