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Heavens above, it's time for some SEMELE! This week we travel into the heavens with Robert Murray (tenor) and Joseph Crouch (cello) with Handel's...
Good morning and welcome to Gardening Monday motivation, and that was an extract from our production of Somali and that's one of the handles. It's a story that draws upon Greek mythology. We've got an Natasha Cari composer with us this morning as well as sorry, It's not composer. She's a choreographer that would be good for tsh and we've got Hannah Conway, who is the composer and handle within one of the most prominent composers of the eighteenth century. Writing within the Baroque style we've got Joan Kratz with us who's. One of Goss, two resident orchestras the English Concert Good morning Joe Good morning, Karen Hi good morning. I think you're gonna give us a little blast of something This morning aren't you yeah. I'm gonna start our week with a little dance. I think that's a good way to start our session so I've been on to start of the day. so this is a bluray from a third Street in C major and it goes like this. Oh wonderful, that's it. Thank you so much that's got me in the mood. I hope it has everyone else's Well and we'll come back to you a little bit later on to hear some more and this morning the story of questions about lengths that we would go to someone we love to have to think about that and like all good operas Ints revenge betrayal jealousy the of dreams and this is. Photograph of Rob Murray, who plays Jupiter the God of all gods in this story, and we have got the amazing Rob Murray with us this morning. Good morning. Rob Hello. Karen Love to see you you've been doing a little bit of singing in lock down even though you've not been able to sing on the world's stages, haven't you yeah if you get locked down with a bit of singing on the roof in the world, it's all over the shop and then eventually life turns to homeschool and dishwasher. So not so much. So I'll be excited to see this morning. Oh, and just to say if anybody comes to singing on the roof, just health and safety, probably not a good idea, but it was good. You did it. Rob great. So we'll see you later now. Simi is the daughter of a King And she is about to marry a wonderful print, but the problem is she doesn't love him and he's not happy about getting married. She Loves Jupiter Jupiter the God of all gods that she's never met, but she's seen pictures of him. Maybe if it was now it would have been on the Internet, but she really really loves him and she's given her heart to him. And this is her standing in her heart in God's production show just how much she loves him and now unfortunately for her wedding day has arrived and all the guests for a wedding like this are just Super excited and they think that it's going to bring them, joy and happiness and lucky moments. so Hannah, What are all the wedding guests singing they are singing one of the chorus from handel's up and there are loads of courses in this opera, which is unusual actually for Handel. I'm. One of them, so you can find voice. the words are this lucky woman's now's a good sign so we're gonna sing this luckys luckys twice with me. I think of some good signs of things I don't know sunshine is definitely something which is good for me today. anyway. here we go and one luckys luckys lovely. Then we sing right. Which means bless our ceremony. It's not bless my right to sing, but that's also important, isn't it So right and then we do too. so alright so that one alright so one and two like right, let's put it together with the together. So do you remember the actions look at ohm's to those who got 123 all that's another one and all. That's right Alright, let's alright. Did you get it one more time one more time just with me with the actions Tasha doing them as well. Here we go and one that offs right all right lovely. We've got it the last couple of lines go like this. Nights' can sing this peaceful and joyful nights' bit of a disco role play with me, Let's go from the start. It's Here We Go Luckys 23 and one. It's right, It's all right again peaceful. It's full day. Again, Well, done give somebody a high five if you're singing that with them in your living room, Karen what happens next in our story is so all the wedding guests are singing that song with you all sing so beautifully and they've all got their wonderful atti on the dresses and suits and things that they've bought and Solis walking down the aisle. Let's imagine it and then suddenly lucky for her a massive tremendous thunder clap happens in a storm breaks out chairs, go flying the books you're just relying into the air. Screaming and a gigantic Eagles sweeps down with its claws and Pss Simi up and take a right up into the sky and all the wedding guests Watch her and I was wondering if Natasha this morning, you might be able to tell a little bit of this story with your dance Warm-up. Good morning. Good morning, Karen. I certainly can't we're gonna be moving from the eagle into Jupiter's that was due to disguise right and Sele. So get ready. go with me and find a space. So these are parallel soft bend your knees shoulders back. We're gonna use the music to really listen out for it. here we go right off. And the left arm as you got huge wings both arms and you're gonna do a little circle to your right repeat that to the left. Oh, you can follow it with your gaze. You're on your way down to that wedding. It's quite a bit of a riot around your left. We're gonna push with the chest and the right leg push. The way push we're gonna do a turn to the right, so it's the equal is on the way one more time with the chest to the left side push. Push Keep your legs bent turn to your left and sweep the arms to your right. Alright. We're gonna get down and get some now we're gonna get pick up on the right leg and then you're gonna do a circle. You've got her circles right your hand like you're doing a circle and do the same thing on the left sweeping down, making sure you've got a safe. Exactly are the top? Now, we're gonna move into Jupiter to sweeten the arms forward. Genie back of the hands hits open up the fingertips into a row press it down in a godly manner. do that again sweep the arms around back of the hands fingertips to roll Anyway, push down Now, we're gonna move into. We're gonna swing around the head and lean down the other way around your head around it into the Middle and just give me a breath. Down Do that again round your head and push show me that shape you can get that around your head drop down to a ripped up one more time from the top from the E again. Now, you know that trying to be Ethan bigger use your breath. you do a circle around leaning back left wing go. Imagine it's huge win. Use the music. Sweeping around we get to the ribs to the right push. Keep both turn to the right keep it flowing. Keep it fluid turn to your left, do the same thing to the left ribs down over right side. Turning to your left, Keep the legs bent the arms. Sweeping now iwo you've got her circle around throwing a circle with your head over to the left swooping down again looking too. All the way call me a circle hold on to. Last time becoming Jupiter. Back of the House, Maes right fingertips, make it dramatic and you push down sweep it around back in the hands. To the fingertips and our last seven here we go around your head. give me that shape. Give me that. Around your head, give me that shape. Stop. One final breath breathing in so this new thing of course is called weather. It's not what I do, but Hannah, it's gonna take us back to that one more breath out and I'm gonna hand you over to Hannah. Thank you so much see you in a moment. Thank you tsh for that, I said. It's so lovely and it's such a breath of fresh air as well, having different music And just being inspired by whichever we're looking at but today as I really knows we're looking at handles Sele and we're having such a nice comments from people that are joining us today. I need to definitely say hello to Archie and Fiona who are enjoying the session. David says. Thank you so much for putting on this wonderful motivation each Monday so a pleasure David we really enjoy doing it and Henrietta. Also loves being motivated on a Monday well who best person to motivate us than Joseph Kuch, who is with us and I noticed Joe you're playing a rocko. How is that different from a modern instrument? Oh well, I'll start with the bow and for those that are watching from the beginning who saw the you may if you have real eagle eyes, you may have seen the difference in the Bible already and it's got a different shape. It's curved the other way and at the tip of the boat. It's very pointy and it allows. Make really crisp articulations and sort of dance sounds and the strings tell tell me about the the strings of this instrument itself Instead of the normal metal strings. My strings are made of guts and if I can hold on a second Joe, I'm so sorry to interrupt you but you're not got bikes in the Twisted insides of a dead sheep. Oh. I readily available on yours online shop. How does that work? well, you do have to go slightly more special than the traditional supermarkets, but they're quite easy to get okay and they make a totally different sound don't know, which makes the Barcelo sound just so rich and exciting and noises did you could you play us the moment Soso at this moment in the opera where the wedding has been broken up by Thunderbolts that have been. Down from the heavens and you're gonna show us this moment tell you what does it sound like? Yeah? well, actually if you don't mind. I'll just say that what he does in order to break the spell of of the perfect good or happy Oman he has to bring in an instrument which is gonna make sure that we know we're in that sort of scary territory now and so for the first time in the opera, he brings in a drum the company and it out of nowhere. This company plays this one bar soda and I, of course I don't have one. presentation on my channel if I made and something like this like that and then the strengths and the coming and do this Whoa Fantastic, I have to say we've I've heard you play that rehearsal a few times and I could listen to that over and over and over again. Thank you so much. Karen What happens next in this story? That was really I'm here. I'm back that was really wonderful Well next in the story. I told you that I was picked up by those claws and it's Jupiter in disguise. he's he's able to change form and he takes her on this tremendous journey up to the heavens where he lives And she goes on that journey and I'm gonna show you and before I show you a picture of Goss production of her going on that journey. I want to know from you if you could. Unbelievable place that you could live like the best things in your House ever, what would they be? So? for example, mine are well one thing I can think of is that I'd have a gundy floss roller coaster and I'd like all the way around. and while I was sliding, I'd kind of like to pick up bits of candy floss on the roof. So what's your thing? send it in. We need some ideas from you so that Hannah can add it into our next song and this is a picture of Sam. Journey from the production and you can see there are asteroids that's her bed, but she's on some luxury a luxury flight and those birds on sticks had movement, and that really showed that she was journeying somewhere. That's why this week's design challenge was to make flying birds with wreath Patton there. She is so do check that out on our YouTube channel excuse me and make them and send them into us. Hannah. What are we singing? As we arrived in this amazing place, we are singing another one of Handel's glorious chorus and I'll show you what it sounds like so this piano really needs a good old tune looking forward to that. so it sounds like this. Endless endless So we're gonna sing inspired perhaps by Karen's roller coaster. We're gonna move our hands a little bit like that and if you send in your ideas, then I can incorporate those into this song by the way Elena says. This is way better than Joe Wicks. So thanks for that Elena right, so it goes like this endless endless endless fun. Should we try that with the piano? I'll count you in here we go 123 and one. Endless endless fun and we're going to point our finger at them and tell her begun. I'm gonna put out hands on our hips, getting a little bit of sassy attitude this morning. Okay. let's try that with me here we go with the pianos you go 123 has been put together from the start singing endless pleasure. Tasha is doing the actions you or 123. 12. Endless fun I just begun. Just Lovely the chorus is much longer than in the opera. We've just we've just taken a little snippet for you now. I hope you got any ideas or Archie would love to be in a gaming room. I wonder what you'd like to be playing in your gaming room. Archie and Fiona wants a swimming pool fantastic. so we're gonna sing like this. We're going to put those words into a song. We're gonna sing. I am I'm gonna swim whichever you like I am. I need to know more about your gaming to get that in my song here we go. so let's oh no-I or maybe gaming you. that gaming is that Onna one of those yeah here we go so gaming Orin let's to go swimming. I want you. I love it. Effect as well, here we go 123 and 12. Gaming sweeping endless fun say. Wow Handel. What would you say if you knew that we were gaming and swimming to your chorus? Hopefully you'll be thrilled. Karen What I'm definitely sure I'd be completely thrilled brilliant So for seine. Unfortunately, this fun does not last. She starts to get bored and really frustrated because she is with Jupiter the God of all gods And she is not allowed to go near him. He's not allowed to appear in his human form to her and she certainly. They can touch him. She's always got to say two meters away, so we can totally understand that right now. I can't we she just feels so upset and he tries to tell her how much he adores and loves her and Hannah is going to teach us now a song that really shows that. This is one of the most famous bits from the opera. We're gonna hear a little bit late for is going to sing it. I think so it goes like this. Hey, you won't now this song should be sung with the most beautiful garden the most beautiful smooth freezing, but we're gonna do this section, which is a little bit counterintuitive. We're gonna well, you walk so instead of singing this. You I want you to really think about this lovely long phrase, so it's like he's skating you want. can you do that with me 123 and listen. Cool Gael Like cool Winds Cool gae ade like it's kind of a little bit of grass in between some trees that we might like to sit in. that's go from the start thinking about those lovely long lines. here we go. We'll show you really quickly how it's done a little bit later. so here we go 123 and one. Now next step you see it now is showing you way you lay back relax next bit crowding into our so you gonna let this sit crowd and what a lovely I did the tree should be moving around you to make this beautiful shade. It's just imagine what that would be in a Park near you socialist. Everybody else, Of course, so let's go from where we go from where you go from there about to go up in the air two and three you see. And now listen you shop. Try that last 123 and see chak into. It through from the start of sounding really and fine voice This morning. I want what you have for breakfast here we go so 23 and one. The You see. Lovely really lovely right now. We've got a special treat this morning because normally this area is accompanied by instruments of the orchestra, but just before Robb sings this aria this kind of the song exploring how he's feeling at this moment. we have a little bit of music. that's much more conversational and it's called a-team you can you say that with me, recipe atti and the rest of the conversation, a little bit of music is normally accompany. By a group of instruments called the continual players now, we have a picture and I have the lovely Joe with me now again to explain this, we've got a picture of what these continual players look like and if we have a look at that goodness may looking in their finest gear. Joe talk us through Who can we see in this picture? Where were you? Yeah? Well? I I hope you can recognize me. I'm in the bottom left-hand corner playing my cello over there. Next to me with the lovely tricorn hat is the bassist and on the far right-hand side rather dissolute looking doubles player with his shirt on and even more than mine. and above what we could instruments these are the normally play more than one note at once. So, who's the guy in the Red Sox That's dancing for his double B. He is a very naughty feel player now the Theodore is a sort of based loot so the loot I think a loot would shoot me for saying this, but it's a little bit like a guitar and but the base of the family it has this extra long strings so that it can play really Lowe's quite loudly and next to. Of what the which you may have thought it was a piano. If you thought that was a piano, you can give yourself half a point. It does look like a piano, but it's a Platt instruments. so it's sort of like a more more like a half really than a piano, but it definitely looks like a piano lovely and we've also got a little bit of music to show what it looks like for continues. I have to read music continues a rare and not only do they need to be able to read music. I wonder how many of you can read music You can see the bottom note that you can see is the bottom F on that. for those of you who can read music now continue our players have to be Codebreakers to they have to be able to read the series of numbers that accompanied the note and it takes years of practice. Joe could you just play that F by itself? so we can hear what the note sounds like without applying any of this code. so there's the F now the code means what so we think of that as being note number one and the note number three if this is 123 would be an A except the Rthree in this picture. here has a flat next to it so instead of a blend a flat. So then we have F A flat and then we continue counting 345. so the in the end we have a flat C. those the. Official notes of this cord wow, and that takes so much practice to be able to read that immediately. I'll be able to just play it. so I know there are a lot of different ways that could sound like it could sound like this, then no-I you just the three nights on their own at the same time or or it could sound like what was that well. love is it so I think maybe I might play. Oh yes, that's put me in the mood to bring Rob Murray back into the picture and to put this together. We need there, he is back with us. Could you please both of you show us as the Dream team what this recipe would have in fact not would have sounded like but actually sounds like on a Monday morning and motivates us all yes. This toca twelfths iway without the rain and I see baby boy and taste the sweet love. It's. To hear the full Ari to hear the rest of this song and since we've learned it you at home can join in with Rob seeing this beautiful long phrases rock take it away. Okay. Sorry. One Into You see. Into More and more things. What I want. your. Are you today? it. I. It. Bush Beautiful Robb and I'm sure after that sein surely has to be convinced of its love for her. I think it's not just gonna be listen to on Monday morning that I think I'm gonna play that every morning just to set my day off what happens to Sela Jeter from this point, then well, unfortunately, similar really wants to see Jupiter in his immortal form and Jupiter knows that's not gonna work and that's one of the problems throughout the cuz that's what she wants. He decides that she must see him And she must have victim for And she dies in flames but from there from there is born from the Ashes backus and that's the slight joy at the end there and it's look at that. look at that suit a big Turkey and there was something special about the children in the in Gaston's production wasn't there some forgetten so that was actually Heidi Stove's some playing back. Who she plays similarly by the way and my daughter was also in the it was very cool. Oh, that is really wonderful. Thanks so much for for joining us and singing to us. It's just absolutely gorgeous and backus of course, their son is the God of wine and perhaps Rana for some of you and also of rituals so something that might be useful right now. Thank you everyone for joining us and joining in with Monday Motivation. Thank you, especially also to Joe from the English Concert for joining us. It's just gorgeous to hear you play. And Hannah and we will see you. we'll see you next Monday. Bye.

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