Dala U Crew - Phoenix Crisis Centre Aiming to Feed 1000...

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Phoenix Crisis Centre Aiming to Feed 1000 Households
To Donate, Contribute or Volunteer Call or Whatsapp: 084 861 9294/078 607 9117

DUC, Bash with Tash...

Posted 1 year ago

Dala U Crew 1 year ago

Thank you to the Phoenix Crisis Centre for Allowing us to Volunteer Today, It was a Rewarding Experience...
If you Wish to Volunteer, Sponsor or Donate to the Phoenix Crisis Centre Please Contact: 084 861 9294 or 078 607 9117

Serina Pillay 1 year ago

Weldone everyone you'll are a truely blessing to every one

Be safe and God speed😗😘

Devaki Naidoo 1 year ago

Such a beautiful gesture. Gods richest blessings upon all of you who are feeding the poor people.

Lolly Munian 1 year ago

Well done great work stuff 🙏🙏🙏

Pranitha Bhal 1 year ago

God bless you'll this old uncle and young man wow so proud of you'll...

Ashy Sudhu 1 year ago

awsum stuff guys.god bless u and ur families n friends for giving some 1s family a hot plate of food 2nyt.Proof that NOT ALL SUPER HEROES WHERE CAPES.

Ryan Kumar 1 year ago

Well done guys.awesome stuff brother Rishaad Mia .

Ravin Govind 1 year ago

So amazing to see all religions standing as one to help the community GOD bless All😇

Razia Rawat 1 year ago

May almighty bless u moulana and your team in abundance aameen

Cookie Basheer 1 year ago

Its good to see Phoenix is getting help..