My stream for DJ Mag’s Alternative... - Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte • 4 months ago   47.7K     1.7K  •  514.5K Views

My stream for DJ Mag’s Alternative Top 100 will get rebroadcasted this Sunday at 10 PM (CET) 🛰

Gabi Giordan
Gabi Giordan4 months ago


Baraa Abdelmonen Nada
Baraa Abdelmonen Nada4 months ago

So ❤️ you are getting better and better . Your mind processing is good . 😁

Ilona Venbroek
Ilona Venbroek4 months ago

I can't wait for you to come back to Holland goosebumps ❤

วันพบ เป็ด บุญสร้อย
วันพบ เป็ด บุญสร้อย4 months ago

So cute music good🥰 and view very beautiful.

Paul Weldon
Paul Weldon4 months ago

and here we have charlotte again,who it is said is a great dj playing tunes on the decks for all to listen own belief is that she is playing tunes for her eyes to dance to looking for the butterflies,a great dj not a chance,but the best out there as she may well be,good looking[i do not thinks she could be bothered]as faithless said god is a dj,and in the movie dogma god is played by alanis morissette,both seem connected by just live life to the full as like charlottes set if goes by too quickly.p.s. when are you coming to the emerald isle🤓

Olav Sander
Olav Sander4 months ago

can't wait to see those eyes in Holland

Maria Joao Araujo
Maria Joao Araujo4 months ago

My lovely country. You are in my city ❤❤❤

Kriss Brown
Kriss Brown4 months ago

Coolio smoolio track very uplifting x

Octavius Isaac
Octavius Isaac4 months ago

How can i listen to the broadcast? It would be a great way to wind down after a long weekend.

Rui Pedro
Rui Pedro4 months ago

Porto my City .. the best and beautiful City in the world