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The entire country should heed this advice Obama gave to young leaders
This is where I start now this is where I was born was born in Kenya. It's a joke. I was born in hawaii and then I spend a little bit of a misspent youth did some things that fortunately we're not recorded cuz there's. No social media, hence, I was able to be elected President. I will New to have a strong point of view and don't be afraid, articulated, but make sure that when you disagree, you're, not disagree them about a non put very powerfully real change comes through persuasion and openness to others and if you're starting point is you don't get me because you can't get me because S you're not a one you can get me because you're straight you can get me because your black you can get me because you're White, if that's your initial starting point, then you will not grow and you certainly will not help the person next to you room. Uh so have a point of you be rooted in your experiences and don't be afraid to share those but listen the open Don't be partisan because our goal here is not uh to create a political movement. Some of you may be inspiring politicians and I believe firmly in politics, but I also believe that the moment word right now politics is the tail and not the dog and what we need to do is to think about our civic culture is what's wrong with our It's an part is a reflection of something wrong in our civic culture, not just here in the United States but in many places around the world

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