KFYR-TV - Vigil for George Floyd is moving

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Vigil for George Floyd is moving
Hello everyone. This is Morgan Bent on the scene right now we are at the George Floyd vigil and memorial, but it has started to move down the streets of Bismarck right here. We're at Fifth Street and you can see how people have started to mobilize here in Bismarck Was' matters cars are still driving by this side of the Street. I'm just gonna let you see the action for yourself. We're on front Avenue and Fifth Street right now. And the George Floyd vigil and a peaceful protest has began to move down the Street. Again, I'll just let you see where they're headed right now. We've got a pretty big group. Walking up the Street and now turning the corner on front Avenue. I believe we're heading back to the Peace Park where we started. This is just an update again for those who just tuned in the George Floyd vigil and peaceful protest are moving up the Street fifth and front Avenue. They're turning now, I believe they're going back to Peace Park. I started at Peace Park. Our stops for them. No honking, I'm taking videos just respectfully waiting for them to cross by. I believe the end of the the end of the group is nearing one. There's some cars down here as well. waiting to get by. I believe that's the end of the group. Cards are beginning to pass again on Fifth Street and Front Avenue in Bismarck. And they're headed back to Peace Park. We've been covering this for about an hour now once I first started mobilizing, it happened very very quickly and we were not quite ready for it, but they felt a need to move and a need to mobilize so that is what they did. And now it looks like they're heading back to Peace Park where we started again just to protest and stand over there. It was called the vigil and a peaceful protest both together they just decided that they needed to mobilize and now they're headed back to the Park and they'll be back over. Peace Park And we're gonna have more on this at six and we're gonna go live at six to see what the situation looks like so you can tune in to KFYI. Thank you everyone.

Posted 1 month ago in Crime & Tragedy.