Big Cat Rescue - It’s Singing Sunday with Carole Baskin &...

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It’s Singing Sunday with Carole Baskin & Lisa Spencer-Novak @BigCatRescue

Chris Perera
Chris Perera4 months ago

Beautiful song and beautiful voices Lisa & Sara! Running Bear really loved it and Loki was listening intently too 💕💕💕

Nancy Duren
Nancy Duren4 months ago

Love Loki! Great job, ladies! Sarah has a beautiful voice! I didn’t know she sings! I love Bear-Bear’s, “Get offa my lawn!”

Nancy Hottel
Nancy Hottel4 months ago

Wonderful song, well sung!!! :-)

Chris Perera
Chris Perera4 months ago

Caught the replay. Thank you Carole, Lisa and Sara 🥰

Alyssa Fleming
Alyssa Fleming4 months ago

Thankyou for making my Sunday better 🧡

Lori Solomon Pringle
Lori Solomon Pringle4 months ago

Good afternoon

Kathy Barton
Kathy Barton4 months ago

We've got tons of lakes in Florida. Now there's a new one: Lake BCR 😂

Pat Hamilton
Pat Hamilton4 months ago

Lovely song in the rain for Running Bear !!!

Mindy Berman-Bertone
Mindy Berman-Bertone4 months ago

That was great ladies. Bear enjoyed it Lol

Melissa Span
Melissa Span4 months ago

I miss Amanda sooo much but I realize she is in no more pain anymore & she is running free with her brothers . I miss u sooo much never will b forgotten sweet girl 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️