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Kong ❤️❤️❤️

CLOTHING LINK: www.ddklineapparel.com

TRAINING GEAR: www.ddk9-gear.com

MAIN WEBSITE: www.darkdynastyk9s.com


Posted 9 months ago

Shannon Moncher 9 months ago

Dude you got me eating sour patch and I don't really like them lol

Billy Harris 9 months ago

Turmeric is really good for killing cancer!

Ruthann Browning 9 months ago

Look at beautiful head. I look for. Suite. It do not say they use to be 1000sr they like sweet tarts my 12 yr old revisit

Stace Bonser 9 months ago

I celebrated my nice weather too soon, it’s so dry and windy in SoCal, PLEASE send us some snow 😂😂

Zeina Stone 9 months ago

I’m going to be sending a package out for the boys hopefully this week.

Toria AndJoel Laraman 9 months ago

Hey marlon our son asked if you send hoodies to Uk as he wants to buy one xx

Mikky Betty 9 months ago

Thank you big bro because I’m buying one ASAP

Penny Chartley 9 months ago

Hello Keeper of my ❤ Kong !! How are you feeling today ? Ask your holistic Dr about Butterfly Pea Flower and Sea Moss for Kong.

Amber Dawn 9 months ago

Jet don’t lunge anymore I hated it at first but they work

Amber Dawn 9 months ago

No no no I hate this snow I’m ready for rain