Mom tries to get her four kids ready for bed

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Getting kids ready for bed should be an Olympic sport! 💤 😩 😂 via Jukin Media

Posted 3 months ago in Children & Parenting

Brenda Stephenson 3 months ago

Needs an education in how to use common sense but it’s really an entertainment video!

The Baby Gang 3 months ago

Thanks for sharing Daily Mail !

Linda Kelly 3 months ago

Deserves a gold medal thb I had 3/4/8 years between my 4
A playpen would help at bathtime n changing

Linda Batton 3 months ago

What happen to play pens. Dress one at a time while the others are safe in a play pen. So, simple!

Lisa Staley 3 months ago

Put them two in a crib while tending to one of the three and the one who can climb out strap in car seat while dressing and changing each but don’t leave them their. I can’t imagine what it was like for my aunt who had three sets of twins and 10 altogether back before birth control and when people had more children than most would want or have today somehow they must have kept her young she had such a beautiful completion skin tone I have ever seen. And such a beautiful tan to go with it. No sun damage.

David Waters 3 months ago

A play - pen would have at a

Charlene Lovesscar 3 months ago

Put them in a play pen … take one out at a time .. make it easy on yourself lol

William Fries 3 months ago

That woman should get several metals…

Mary Remillard 3 months ago

Put them on the floor to change. Not so hard then

Mark Armstrong 3 months ago

Maybe not have so many kids if you don’t want to deal with it 🤷🏻‍♂️