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Two years after the decision was made to lower Paradise Dam's wall due to safety issues, farmers say they're fed up with constantly worrying about water security.

They're calling on the State Government to restore the wall so they can confidently plan for the seasons ahead.

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Mandy Pollard
Mandy Pollard4 months ago

It’s not sustainable to keep using water, we need to change our agricultural farming to different less water needy ways. Implement sustainable practices like reforestation and re-wilding. Can anyone make suggestions? Progress is progress even if it’s small changes now. Water isn’t an infinite resource and I think I recently read 2/3 of the state of QLD is in drought.

Raymond Baker
Raymond Baker4 months ago

I know some farms have up in huge dams to secure their own water security so how does this work.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith4 months ago

LABOR built it and LABOR tore it down.TYPICAL LABOR.

Steve Kennedy
Steve Kennedy4 months ago

If the dam is not safe ....the dam is not safe

Kerry Findlay
Kerry Findlay4 months ago

Typical Government morons.