The second pregnancy became a burden, we didn't want that child

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Our whole life we disregarded our younger son and he found a way to repay us

Posted 11 months ago in Children & Parenting

AmoMama Nostalgia 11 months ago

😮 More incredible life stories here 👉

Sandra McGehee 11 months ago

I would take that child unwanted today
I cried as I watched this video realizing that it’s happening everyday to a child
I say to you that I will take that child that you don’t want right now

Shirley Creer 11 months ago

The mother only resented him because her husband didn’t want him and resented him before he was born.

Huridasee Nina 11 months ago

If they felt that way, they should've gave him up for adoption!

Brandi L Hatch 11 months ago

The parents got what they deserved

Carolyn Villaume 11 months ago

Watching this broke my heart.

Georgina Fotopoulou 11 months ago

I enjoyed watching this. I would have done the same.

Rose Walters 11 months ago

They got back just what they put out there so sad

Sheryl Lamb-Van Erstvelde 11 months ago


Regina Lee Gardin 11 months ago

Sowing and Reaping!!